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Heather Schuller - Owner/Head Groomer




I would like to introduce myself. My name is Heather Schuller. I have been an animal lover all my life. I graduated from National American University as a veterinary technician. I went back to my home town in east river to do my internship at a veterinary clinic, where I started grooming in slow times at the clinic. I was always researching breeds and was always observing how dogs looked. I picked up a part time job at Petco as a sales associate but helped out in the grooming salon, so I got more hands on training. When my internship was complete I couldn’t find a job at a veterinary clinic in Rapid City but found a grooming salon looking for a groomer, hence, that started my professional life at Wags to Whiskers Pet Grooming. I started my career as a pet stylist in May 1999 and I purchased the grooming salon in December 2008 so I have been grooming for 16 years. In those years I have attended many grooming conventions to keep up to date on things going on in the grooming industry. In my “spare” time I show dogs, Weimaraners, Portuguese Water Dog, and Shih Tzus. I show in conformation, obedience and once in awhile in agility. I am also involved in local dog clubs and I do dog training with a local training center. I also like to go camping and crocheting just to name a few things I do other than “doggie” stuff.

My “family” consists of my wonderful and supportive husband, 7 dogs (2 Weimaraners, Springer Spaniel, German Shepherd, Portuguese Water Dog, & 2 Shih Tzus) and 2 cats. I like to have that personal connection with my clients, they and their pet/s are very special to myself and my staff.




Dawn - Pet Stylist with her dog "Buffy"



Hi my name is Dawn. I am a pet stylist at Wags to Whiskers Pet Grooming. I grew up in Hot Springs, SD and was born in Ft Yates, ND. I am married with 4 children and 2 grandchildren. I have always been a pet lover and got my start with animals when I worked for my local shelters and veterinarian. I continued on my path with animals to become a vet tech and then on to become a pet stylist. I have been in the industry for the last 14 yrs and wouldn't change a thing. I am always looking to improve my skills as a pet stylist as the industry changes daily.

I earned my GED then went onto Western Dakota Vo-tech to become a computer operator. I also attended NAU to become a computer program/designer. After doing both those careers for awhile I knew that wasn't my calling in life. I went to work for the shelters and local groom shop as a bather/brusher. I then went onto become a vet tech at CSU. I finally decided to go back to make dogs look pretty instead. I went to work for Petsmart as a bather/brusher from there went onto Paragon School of Grooming to become a pet stylist, which 14 yrs later I am still doing and enjoying.




Stephanie Nissen - Bather with our
Shop Kitty "Tinkerbell"


I am Stephanie and I have had animals all my life, particularly dogs, cats, and horses. I was in 4-H Dog Project (as well as Horse and also Crafts) for years. When I aged out of 4-H I continued to return to Dog Project as an assistant leader where I still help more than 10 years later. I have many hobbies including dog training, dog shows, hunting, fishing, crafts, and working on cars. I compete in Obedience and Hunt Tests. I breed Golden Retrievers as well. I knew from a young age that I wanted a job where I could be around animals. Lucky for me I have found it and I couldn't be happier!





"Tinkerbell" - Our Shop Kitty


"Tinkerbell" is our shop kitty. She is about two years old and a stray that we adopted.




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